What do men look at in your profile?

Yesterday a dating friend told me what he thinks men look for in women’s profiles. First, your picture. If he likes your face, he’ll look for one that shows your body. If he likes your body type, he’ll read more. After body, he looks for height, as he likes taller women. Then he’ll look at age and what the woman says she wants. If she wants kids or if she has little kids, he moves on.

He asked me what women look for. I told him what I look for, as I really can’t say what other women look for. I first look at height, age, then at the photos. I look to see if he’s got kids at home (not optimal for me), if he lives alone or with roommates (I’m not fond of roommate situations), then how he expresses himself. If he is articulate and ideally funny, doesn’t have more than a few typos, and has made the effort to write more than a few lines, I continue. I then look at education, although I’ve met some great guys who didn’t graduate college. I also look at occupation, income, and his lifestyle.

I look at what he’s looking for. If he wants someone younger, shorter and thinner than me, I know we’re probably not a good match. However, if he’s contacted me, I will respond if he sounds interesting.

My friend told me that when men read profiles they are basically asking “Could I make her happy?” So if she has a jet-setting lifestyle and he’s a couch potato, he passes. Or if she loves opera and the symphony and he’s a hard rock guy, then he moves on. So when you write your profile, answer the question that’s on the guys mind: “What does she want to make her happy?” Your writing will be more captivating that way.