Deciding to see him again or not

Even when there isn’t the immediate physical attraction or chemistry, I’ll sometimes see a guy again to see if there is any underlying spark that needs a second chance to be kindled. If there was nothing odious on the first date, I may try once more.

Last night is a good example. The gentleman arrived on time, wore nice, pressed casual clothes for our stroll to my local neighborhood dance party. He didn’t try to maul me with kisses and too-soon affection — in fact we only hugged hello and goodbye.

However, during the stroll and dinner, he interrupted me a lot — something that is a pet peeve of mine. While he did seem interested in what I was saying, he also often tried to summarize what I said — but he was wrong each time. I know I am usually a clear speaker and when others summarize, they most often get it right. So it was clear he and I weren’t thinking along the same paths, and it got annoying after a while to keep correcting him.

So the bottom line question for me is, “Do I want to spend more time with this guy?” Do I find him interesting — or appealing — enough to invest another hour? While I’m easy going, and can find interest in nearly anything, if there isn’t enough to keep me interested, best to let him go. I’m afraid that is my conclusion about last night’s date.