“What’s your ring size?”

You’d think that this would be high on the list of a single woman’s most-desired questions. Unfortunately, for me it was not.

We’d been dating for four months, although we saw each other only every 9-12 days. He called every day, but we hadn’t really spent much time together. I was fond of him, but didn’t feel enough emotional closeness to feel bonded. So when he asked my ring size on the phone one day, I was surprised.

“Why do you want to know my ring size?” I wasn’t confrontive; my tone was curious.

“Because I want to buy you a ring.”

“Why do you want to buy me a ring?” I asked gently, hoping he wasn’t going to say it was a promise or engagement ring.

“Because I want you to have a bauble to wear and think of me.” I silently exhaled since he didn’t go where I thought he was going.

After sharing my ring size, he asked what kind of ring I desired. As I began describing the size, color, and stone I wanted, he said “Go to hsn.com.” We shopped virtually and I showed him the ring styles I liked.
HSN logo

I thought he would order one and present it to me. Within hours, I received an online gift certificate for the Home Shopping Network. While the thought was sweet, the execution was less than romantic.

I was able to buy two rings — one garnet and one amethystgarnet ring — with the certificate. And even though we broke up a few months later, now over a year ago, I do think of him when I wear them. But I don’t think it had quite the effect he was hoping for!