“Will date for food”

I’m amazed when I hear of women who will accept dates with nearly anyone because they feel at least they’ll get a free meal out of it. I have one friend who feels this way.

I don’t think it is fair to the man to accept an invitation just for the sake of a meal. It is using him when you have no interest in him.

So, if you need a meal and can’t afford it, make yourself a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich!




One response to ““Will date for food””

  1. Mitsy Avatar

    I agree. I have one friend who has told me this whenever I’ve been in anticipation of a first date or blind date. I look at it as possibly a very uncomfortable venture or possibly the start of something great, but I never look at it as a free meal. More times than not, it is a disappointment and I could have done without the meal if I had known how bad the date was going to be. :0