A different kind of f-buddy

No, I am not referring to the term most commonly associated with the f-buddy phrase. I have a new meaning for f-buddy — flirt buddy!

What is a flirt buddy? Someone you can flirt with by email, phone or in person who knows you have no serious intentions. Some of my favorite flirt buddies are married men, whose wives know that their husbands and I flirt.

One f-buddy even called his wife over to listen to a flirty voice mail I’d left him where I asked if he thought she might allow me to be his “extra” wife since he was so financially smart that I was sure he could afford two. She howled with laughter, saying “That girl has no idea what she’d be in for.”

Yesterday I had lunch with another, whose wife has not met me but knows a lot about me. He shared that he told her exactly where he’d be and that she could call during lunch if she wanted. She didn’t. She knows he — and she — are safe from any indiscretion with me.

Several single men have become f-buddies, as we know we are not a good match, but enjoy playing and flirting. They are often the same guys I go to with my, “Can you explain why a guy would…?” questions.

I think flirting is key to dating, especially when getting to know someone by email and phone. If you can’t flirt — without going over the line — it is hard to show your interest, at least until you meet face to face. If you can flirt, it gives the other a smile and giggle. As long as it’s not smarmy.

Have trouble knowing how to flirt? See “Flirt your heart out.”

What do you think of flirt buddies?

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4 responses to “A different kind of f-buddy”

  1. Mitsy Avatar

    I can tell you that “flirt” buddies are a waste of time. If they are married, DO NOT even go there. That is a recipe for trouble. Do you really want to contribute to a man’s bad behavior? How would you feel if you were his wife? All too often, society gives a free pass to men who flirt with no intentions of it being anything more than that. That is how women are led on in my opinion. If they are serious, you will know it fairly quickly. If they are married, they have no business talking to you in this manner and you’d best find someone who is unattached and unmarried. Trust me, married men do not make good dating partners.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Hi Mitsy:

    I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer. I am not talking about making passes at married men — no, no, a thousand times no! I am talking about playing — innocently — when you both know he is very happily married. If he makes any suggestion that you think is serious, cut it off immediately. I’ve never had that, so I must carefully pick the guys to play with!

  3. Bruce Daley Avatar

    Wow Misty you really have a way with the language……you make even adjectives, well sexy! You must be a great catch.

  4. Traci Avatar

    Hmmmmm, I don’t “play” at all with married men . . .