Are you drawn to “Oscar” or “Felix”?

Odd CoupleDo you like guys who are more Oscar-like or more like Felix? Recently, I got to test for myself.

For 7 weeks I dated a guy who was a lot like Jack Klugman‘s character Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple.” While a very sweet, smart, affectionate, attentive guy, he always looked rumpled. He was even disheveled naked!I began to doubt the man owned an iron — if he did he either had no idea where it was or no clue how to use it.

When I visited his house, it was decorated in “early student” — torn couch, dust everywhere, crumbs on the floor so I didn’t dare go barefoot. The cobwebs were so thick in every corner they looked like ropes. I had to ask him to wipe the TV screen before watching a DVD because I couldn’t see the picture. I didn’t like to eat or drink there because the dishes looked like they hadn’t been washed. His front yard was so weed covered, I took it upon myself to pull some while we had wine on his leaf-littered porch. The back yard was so overgrown, he’d received nuisance citations from the city two years in a row! Needless to say, I didn’t accept many invitations to visit him there.

Contrast that to a guy I just visited who was more like Tony Randall‘s character Felix Unger. Fastidious must be his middle name. His car is spotless inside and out. His luxury penthouse apartment appears straight out of Architectural Digest. His dining room is pre-set with china for six — even though he’s never had a dinner party at this place.

He has 3 color-coordinated pot holders on the kitchen counter, meticulously spaced. His bathroom towels are hung with a bath towel, then a contrasting hand towel over that, then another contrasting towel arranged horizontally around the previous towel. No one would ever use any of these towels like this! After using the chenille throw while watching TV, I folded it and placed it back in its place when done. I later noticed he’d refolded it!

He always looks crisp, something I admire. In the 6 dates we’ve been on, he’s always looked clean and pressed. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess that he irons his briefs! Although thankfully, he doesn’t apparently iron his jeans.

So which do I prefer? Felix wins hands down! While “anal-retentive” does come to mind, I’m much happier around someone who gives some attention to looking good and to living in a clean environment. Only time will tell if this meticulousness translates into perfectionist and control freak.