Book of women’s fantasy men doing chores

Porn for WomenPorn for Women is a book designed to redefine what women think of as porn. It is a fun photo book featuring hunky men doing what many women dream about — housework, cooking, listening, asking for directions — all while clothed. At least mostly clothed. There are some shots of the four cute male models without shirts and some in boxers. There is no nudity and nothing crude. Yes, it does prey on the stereotypes, some of which are stereotypes because they are based on common behaviors.

But it’s the captions coupled with the Susan Anderson’s pics that make this book fun.

For example, the caption for this one is “God, that is SO interesting. Tell me more.”


The point being that women so rarely get this response from their guy, they swoon upon hearing it.

And this one is “I made some Niman Ranch lamb tenderloin with garlic, black pepper, and Indonesian soy sauce for dinner. I hope that sounds ok.”


This presupposes your guy doesn’t cook, or if he does it isn’t gourmet. So a nice meal cooked and ready when you arrive home is foreplay.

The book is created by the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative. They are seeking ways to reclaim the word “pornography” away from the traditional definition, “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings,” to instead connote positive emotional feelings. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to wrangle the definition from men, but perhaps women can come up with a new word that describes things that men can do to get us excited. They already have an arsenal of tools, but this book’s concept is to expand their repertoire.

The book’s critics say it is sexist and perpetuate the demeaning term “porn.” I don’t think it does either. I think it’s an interesting and fun point of view. However, you need a sense of humor to enjoy it.

At the end of the book is a Pornometer, which consists of 10 multiple-answer questions to help you determine how your guy is doing. If he gets too low a rating, you are to give him the book so he can brush up on his skills. I’d say you need to mark specific pages which make you melt and/or put you in the mood.

Do you find men doing housework and pampering you to be a turn on? If so, what kinds of out-of-the-bedroom activities and comments make you melt?

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One response to “Book of women’s fantasy men doing chores”

  1. lizriz Avatar

    That book would be much more effective if the men were nude.