Can ducks help you find love?

When in Singapore in January, I learned about a Chinese legend that is supposed to help you attract love. It’s pretty simple.

Mandarin ducksIn Chinatown, a friend pointed out two Mandarin duck figurines. She said if you put these little statues in your bedroom so they faced each other bill-to-bill, they would attract love to you.


In Feng Shui, Mandarin ducks are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection, fidelity, happiness in love, romance, devotion, togetherness and enduring love. They are often used in Chinese weddings because they symbolize wedded bliss as, I was told, they mate for life.

My friend assured me that if I had these figurines in my bedroom, my true love would enter my life. It worked for her just weeks after she put her pair in her bedroom — her sweetheart of the last four years appeared.

I neglected to buy a pair on my January trip, but sought them out when I was back in Singapore a few weeks ago. This time I wasn’t after them for attracting love, since I’d found King Charming. However, I thought these kissing ducks would be a fun way to encourage love persisting.

I bought two sets of duck statuettes — one for me and one for King Charming. When returning home, I immediately set my kissing ducks on my headboard. When King Charming came over the next day, I told him the legend and how they are supposed to help our love last. Then I gave him his pair. He immediately said, “I’m going to super glue their bills together.” Cute, very cute.

So the next time you’re in a store with Chinese decorative items, ask if they have any Mandarin ducks. Buy some, put them in your bedroom — bill to bill, of course — and see what happens!

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5 responses to “Can ducks help you find love?”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Interesting. I have a friend that will love this article.

  2. Doreen Avatar

    This is a cute and fun post. At the end I got a little chuckle and thought…….well, I have tried everything else!! (and nothing has seemed to work) Why not?

  3. Chris Avatar

    Turns out that the ducks didn’t work, eh?
    (I’m not sure what’s it like now but I think you wrote that he subtly broke up with you 7 days later!)

    I’m very sorry to hear about that though… Take care!

  4. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Hi Chris:

    As it turns out they do! We got back together and have been very happy since talking through our hiccups and working some things out.

  5. Chris Avatar

    Ah… that’s a good thing then!