Cruisin’ for love

DSCN2178I’m on an 11-day cruise. It’s not a singles’ cruise. Am I here looking for love?

Yes and no.

I’m speaking onboard. But I’m also got my eyes peeled for eligible men. Unfortunately, many more single women cruise with gal pals than men. Plus, out of 1800 passengers, I’d say only fewer than 50 of us (not counting children) are under age 60.

Not that I’m limiting my search to those under 60, but it would be nice if he wasn’t too far beyond that age. I know there are healthy, energetic, vital men 65+, but on this ship more have health issues when they are in that age range.

But I do applaud those who get out and see the world, even if mobilized using a cane, walker, scooter or wheelchair. I’m impressed that they don’t choose to stay in their domicile, even if they stay on the ship in ports.

The vast majority of passengers choose bus shore excursions where there is nearly no activity. Yesterday, on my snorkeling trip there were only 16 of us on a boat that could hold 80. Some passengers couldn’t come because of health issues. But more could have come on an active trip but chose the sedentary one instead.

So will I meet my man on board? Or maybe he’ll be a friend of a passenger. I’ve decided to be open to anything — and explore the world in the process. How about you?