Cruising at festivals

Italian flagOur neighborhood is hosting a city-wide Italian festival today, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to cruise for men. After all, we’ve been discussing how hanging out where people you are likely to like in the “real” world (vs. Internet) is a better option. So I wanted to experiment to see if this might work.

I like Italian men (and Greek, French, American, African, Brazilian, English, Spanish, German and … men — do you see a pattern?). So where best to meet them outside of Italy? An Italian festival. Granted, most of them are not directly from Italy, but of Italian lineage. No matter — although I do love accents. I still like the general look of Italian guys. So where best to hunt them than in a gathering place for them? And not just an Italian bar or bocce ball court — but a much larger gathering. Kind of like fishing in a stocked lake verses a stream.

So I set out, balancing trying to look cute, with comfortable shoes and clothes. Not the best bait, but it was what would work for an afternoon of walking in the sun. I just didn’t see clomping on asphalt in heels and a skirt as the best choice.

I strutted (can you strut in sneakers?) down the street, taking in not only the crafts booths and cannoli vendors, but eyeing those partaking in the exhibits. There were men (and women) of all ages, body types and ethnicities, predominantly of Mediterranean extraction, as we would guess. I paused to people watch while enjoying my Italian sandwich, listening to the accordion player on one side and the opera singers on the other. But no cute middle-aged prospects appeared. Not even any cute younger or older ones!

VespaAt the Vespa dealer display, I noticed a midlife, dark-haired, olive-skinned cutie. I immediately fantasized us riding off together, me perched on the back, like in an old move. As he started his demo for a few onlookers, I moseyed over to see if I could flirt. Drat! A wedding ring.

On to the bocce ball court. If I took a lesson, maybe I’d attract a prospect. But the current players were starting a series so it looked like it would be a while before I’d get a turn. I passed.

The good news: I enjoyed a beautiful autumn day outside with entertainment, crafts/art to enjoy, and yummy Italian food, all within a few blocks of my house, and for less than $10 (for lunch). The bad news: No prospects. But hey, you can’t hit a bulls eye the first time out!

Will I try again at another festival? Yes. In fact, there’s a Greek festival coming up. I love Greek dancing, Greek food, and of course, Greek men.

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9 responses to “Cruising at festivals”

  1. Lulu Avatar

    DG, Isabel Losada explores foreign men, as well as men in general, in her new book MEN! (where the **** are they?). She comes to some very interesting conclusions, and I think you’ll love the book. One of her conclusions is ‘go abroad’, which in some ways is what you have just done with your festival cruising…your instincts are always right on the button.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar


    And I’m going abroad for most of January — to Singapore and India — so we will see what develops!

  3. Rod Avatar

    Or you could just forget the man and get a Vespa – they’re reliable, fun, sporty, cute and easy to maintain. Unlike men.

  4. Strblonde Avatar

    LOL! I like the idea of getting a Vespa. Well, there are LOTS of eligible men at our county fair in the beer tent! Maybe try a county fair?

  5. hunter Avatar

    to DG,

    ….have you tried, the car shows, car swap meets?

  6. hunter Avatar

    to DG,

    the times that I have taken dates to car swap meets, women say that, they had never seen that many men in one place, in their lives…..

  7. seilidhe Avatar


    The “problem” with the men at the car shows and swap meets is that they’re far more interested in the cars then in the crowd. They may eye a pretty girl (which I’m not, but yahtahey!) but the powerhouse under the hood of a ’70 Hemi ‘Cuda will turn their heads even quicker. Hehehehe!


    We have a Greek fest here, but I missed it. Darn it! My next festival (and I’m going to do my best to make it) is the Highland Games and Celtic Festival. Could be fun!

  8. Ally Avatar

    DG – but will there mothers love you…? They’re very protective of their boys.

    The problem with the ethnic festivals are that it will be dominated by married men and families, almost by definition.

  9. Kelly Avatar

    It is important that singles should grasp every chances of meeting the second part inspite of internet or real life.