Dating as networking

I’ve been pleased to meet some wonderful men in my dating adventures. Sometimes I’ve been able to connect them to others in my life.

A year ago I had one date with a charming, educated, articulate man who consults on doing business in Africa. We kept in contact after the date, even though he lived 3000 miles away. A few months later a colleague told me she was looking for a CEO for a new company to do work in Africa. I connected them and he interviewed for the job.

Also a year ago, I had one date with a man who helps third-world entrepreneurs obtain micro loans. When he focuses on Africa, I’ll connect them. In fact, I’ve become involved in his non-profit even though we’re not dating anymore.

I dated an interesting, intelligent man a number of times early in my dating career. He is in my same industry. We stayed in touch, have lunch periodically, and now we regularly bounce ideas off each other.

However, don’t expect it to always work. I had one date with a man who owned a roofing company. When I needed a new roof last fall I called him to see if he would give me a bid. Unlike the other roofers I called, he quoted me $100 to give me a bid! I passed. Obviously, having had a drink with him earned me no special treatment.

So even if it doesn’t work out romantically, you are expanding your network! You never know when this will be of value.




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