Dating’s “dog days of summer”

dog daysAs we enter August, the days get sweltering and we’re reminded of the phrase “dog days of summer.” Using this term and dating together could conjure up men who’ve behaved like dogs, or images of the hottest, most sultry men! And since it’s only the beginning of the month, perhaps sizzling men are to be met during August.

In the last week I’ve experienced reminders of both some of the hottest men I’ve dated, as well as some who behaved dog-like.

  • The guy who broke up with me via an IM 18 months ago winked at me on a dating site. Did he really think I’d be interested in getting back with him?
  • A former beau, now turned pal, called and we caught up.
  • A man I went out with 4 times a year ago wants to get together. We’ve discussed how we’re not a match, but want to continue being pals so see each other every few months.
  • A recent beau sent a polarized email accusing me of being passive aggressive and telling me he missed me.
  • A man I only saw three times and nicknamed “Dreamboat” in a posting a year ago, emailed yesterday wanting to see me for dinner next week (he’s out of town this week). We talked 7 months ago and I hadn’t heard from him since.

Why are these men appearing in these dog days? Are the beautiful warm days and evenings making them long for someone to share these with? Have they been single for a while and are lonely? Recently broke up with someone and wanting to explore their options?

I can’t be the only one experiencing this. Have you noticed past romantic interests reconnecting now? Or new people appearing more readily? Have you found yourself more actively seeking a sweetie as we move into the last summer month?

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3 responses to “Dating’s “dog days of summer””

  1. Ally Avatar

    Yes, yes, and yes. But, I think this phenomenon is akin to people at a bar looking good at 2 a.m.
    If you (or they) aren’t worth non-seasonal interest, then you (or they) best go it alone.

    Then again, the recent study on why people have sex seems to highlight that we all do it primarily because a) it feels good, and b) we were attracted to the other person, so perhaps it just doesn’t matter whether it’s a fling….

  2. Anne Avatar

    A guy from my past emailed to suggest we get together again. We had a whirlwind romance 1 l/2 years ago that ended when he stood me up on my birthday. Perhaps he thinks I forget that? Or perhaps I’m such a masochist I’d like him to do it again!

  3. Gatti Avatar

    I’ve noticed that former non-starters often call around Christmas. I guess if nothing much dating-wise is happening for them for the holidays they start checking their telephone number list for likely prospects.

    6 months and still completely happy, DG!