Do you have the right datewear?

Do you have the right clothes to wear on dates — datewear? I think it’s especially important to have the right kind of attire for the first meeting. You know how important first impressions are — and how you dress says a lot about you.

I’ve had dates show up in unironed shirts and dirty jeans. Yuck! I don’t expect him to wear an Armani suit on the first meeting — just on the second date. Just kidding. I do expect him to make some effort to look nice, just as I do. In fact, unless we are going to garage sales, the beach or hiking, I expect him to show that he cares about how he looks.

So what to wear? If you haven’t dated in a while you may have to buy some datewear. This is tops, slacks or skirts that are somewhat casual, but are flattering and current. Your old jeans and t-shirt just won’t do, unless you want to attract a man who wears old jeans and t-shirts too, or you have a killer body and look great in jeans and t-shirts. Most of us don’t.

You don’t want tops that are too tight or too revealing. I call cleavage-plunging tops “slutwear.” You might show just a hint of cleavage, but don’t go all Pamela Anderson unless you’re a starlet. Your date will think you are loose, even though cleavage is now considered an accessory.

You may need to get new jewelry, belts and shoes if all you have is workwear and sweat clothes. If you have trouble pulling it all together, ask a stylish friend to help you, or make an appointment with a Macy’s personal shopper. You really only need one or two outfits. You will be meeting a lot of guys for first dates, fewer for second, and even fewer for third dates.

Think about how you want to be perceived — approachable, confident, vulnerable, sexy. You only get one chance to cement that first image in his mind, so it’s important to be strategic. I often wear a casual skirt on the first meeting, as I think it’s more flattering on me than slacks. What do you look best in? Make sure it’s clean, ironed and ready to knock ’em off his feet!




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