Don’t send flowers with a kiss-off email

I heard about a service called Their tag line is “When it’s time to dump your date.”

dead flowersNow I think this is a dumb concept. It offers a service where you can email or write your intended ex-sweetie and they will deliver the message. What, picking up the phone, writing your own email or sending your own letter is too hard? Give me a break!

But, they say, you can attempt to soften the blow by sending some flowers with the message. Can we say “add salt to the wound,” “add insult to injury” or just “lame”? It’s bad enough that your former beau didn’t have the courage to tell you himself, but he sends flowers with his “have a nice life” message? Talk about mixed messages!

Their site says:

We suggest that life is short, so why not ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you questioning your relationships future?
  • Do you just wish to be a friend?
  • Do you think it is time to move on?
  • Would you like to give it one more try?
  • Is there someone you know who just doesn’t get the message?

And you can send a private and personal voice message. They say:

  • Do you know someone who simply just isn’t getting the message?
  • Do you want to say exactly what you think, in private, and without a confrontation?
  • Do you wish to say something to someone privately, but can not or do not, wish to be there in person?

They add:

Our website is filled with flower and gift selections for any stage of a relationship, and for all occasions. We are here for you whether the sun is rising in your relationship or beginning to set on the horizon.

I know a few days ago I recommended for private voice mail, but I was just kidding when I suggested you could leave a personal email to someone you wanted to stop seeing. These people, however, are serious!

I think this is a sad commentary on how a business has sprung up to serve those who are too cowardly to break up respectfully.

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One response to “Don’t send flowers with a kiss-off email”

  1. Kat Wilder Avatar

    I agree! Just like the business that allows people to download background noises — airport, concert, traffic etc. — onto a cell phone so a person can “pretend” to be at a place he/she is not. How handy if you’re having an affair!

    All of this makes trying to connect in an honest and intimate way with others harder and harder, but .. we must keep going on.

    If someone’s not going to be man (woman?) enough to do the right thing, count yourself lucky that he/she is out of your life.