Flirting with fame — and a radio interviewer

KEXThursday I was interviewed by Steve L., a reporter from ClearChannel’s KEX radio station in Portland. Not only did Steve prove to be a great interviewer, but a fun flirt too!

We were talking about managing expectations with Valentine’s Day coming up. Here’s basically what we said, although I didn’t record it, so it’s to the best of my recollection.

Steve: For Valentine’s Day, does a woman like to be taken out to dinner, get flowers, candy and that kind of stuff?

Me: Steve, does this question explain why you are single? That you even asked the question reveals a lot.” He laughed. “Women like flowers, cards, gifts on any day, but especially Valentine’s Day.

Yes, women expect their guy to do something to show his undying affection to her. Women have higher expectations than men do about Valentine’s Day. You need to do something to express your affection — and no, an oil change probably won’t say ‘I love you’ the way she’d like. Unless it’s coupled with flowers and a nice dinner out.

Guys aren’t usually very creative about thinking of romantic gestures. And generally women hate to be specific about what they’d like, as it diminishes the effect if she feels she had to tell her guy what to do.

Steve: Yes, most guys don’t have a clue. So if they can’t get a list of what their woman wants, how do they know what would please her?

Me: Ideally, he’s been paying attention so has some ideas of what she would like. If it’s a new romance, he can ask his gal pals what a woman might like. And if they have gal pals in common, these women friends can give him some ideas specific to his new sweetie.

Steve: I heard about a guy taking his sweetheart to a movie shown on the outside of a barn. Is that something a woman would like?

Me: It depends on the woman. If you know she’s not an outdoors woman, but you think she’d like the experience, make sure to bring a warm comforter for you both to snuggle under, and a thermos of hot chocolate. The key is to think about what she would like.

Steve: Thanks Goddess. Although I don’t have a girlfriend, our listeners can benefit from your ideas.

Me: You’re welcome, Steve.

In follow up emails, we had this exchange,

Steve: What a great Goddess. That was fun. Let’s do more.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. You wanna go out, or what??

Me: I like your style!

Will you bring flowers?

If only we didn’t live 600 miles apart. Drat!

But you are cute! (See, one can flirt without ever having seen a pic of the other. <s>)

Steve: Yeah, if you saw me you’d go “uh, oh.” Like one of the responses to your blog said, “I saw the disappointment in (her) face.” There IS a reason I’ve been single for nearly 17 years!!!

Me: I thought you just liked having that James Bond life style!

Actually, nearly none of the 73 men I’ve gone out with in the last two years have been handsome. Some cute, but, as I wrote in “Yummy is as yummy does,” you men get cuter when we get to know you. And you have a fun personality, so you’re already past the “uh oh” spot on the continuum.

If you you wonder what the Goddess looks like, go to my personal Web site and there’s a pic there — albeit with professional hair, make up and a tad PhotoShopping!

Steve: Yeah, see, I just looked at the picture and you’re so far out of my league that I wouldn’t be allowed in the stadium where your league plays. I can only play in the fantasy league for your league.

Very nice … and it makes me wonder which stupid guys give you grief. You want me to make a hit on them?

Me: See, you’re already exhibiting fine boyfriend-like behavior! Wanting to beat up other men who’ve wronged us has us women swoon!

I have a secret back door to the stadium. Only good guys get to enter. Bring flowers — and Godiva chocolate — and you’re in!

Yes, some stupid guys are out there. My mantra is, “The right guy won’t be stupid.” So I continue swimming in the dating pool and beeline away from where the water has been fouled.

You can be on my fantasy team if I can be on yours. Deal?

And so we’ll be having another interview in the future. And who knows, maybe a date!

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3 responses to “Flirting with fame — and a radio interviewer”

  1. Gatti Avatar

    “The right guy won’t be stupid”, I love it! Another cut and paster from you DG. I wish I’d known that one when I got the Christmas Morning brush off email! But I’ll remember it now and for the next time.

  2. Traci Avatar

    Hmmmmm, Bruce is handsome . . .very handsome, actually!

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