Fresh start. New beginning.

[googmonify]8790107066:right:120:600[/googmonify]Fresh startWithin a few weeks of my ex announcing he was leaving, these four words came to me while I was sleeping. I want to say they were in a dream, but they were so vivid and clear it was as if they were said by someone standing next to my bed.

While I was still in deep grief over the dissolution of my marriage, they gave me a perspective — even hope — that all would be fine once it was over.

On this New Year’s Day 4.5 years after my hearing them, they take on new meaning. Perhaps this year will be one of fresh starts and new beginnings for you, starting now.

For me, 2008 begins with my flying to Singapore and India. It is an adventure, but I am accompanied by others. The first leg, 4 days in Singapore, is with two other midlife, single women. Who knows what fun trouble we might get into? The second leg we are joined by fifteen other women for two weeks in NW India. And the final leg is me alone — sort of — back in Singapore giving ten presentations in eight days.

I say “sort of” because a close colleague is also speaking in Singapore during my time there. We will spend one of our free days together, and co-present during one of the presentations. I will see a handful of other colleagues who live there, plus old and new clients. So while I won’t be sharing a room, as I am in India, I will have plenty of company.

Why this trip? In “What would you do if you were brave?” I shared the philosophy behind my friend Jana Stanfield‘s song by that title. I realized I love to travel abroad, but not alone. So since I’m not that brave, I decided to join Jana for a trip she put together to experience the sights of NW India. We’ll take in some of the most beautiful and moving places, including the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and an ashram for a day.

So while this next month is doubtful to yield any dates (but who knows?) I’m hoping it will spark some insights on life — and perhaps love. I’ll share my observations with you along the way.

But just in case I’m not churning out interesting insights, I’ve arranged for one guest blogger each week. You’ll hear from Rachel Sarah, author of “Single Mom Seeking,” Jeff Mac, of, and Male Call, from the syndicated column “Male Call.”

So what fresh start and new beginning will commence for you on this first day of 2008? What would you like to start anew in the relationship realm?


3 responses to “Fresh start. New beginning.”

  1. Elena Avatar

    Safe journey, DG. Hope you have a good time.

    P.S. Glad that you will have guest bloggers to mind the store while you’re away. 🙂

  2. Elena Avatar

    Oops!, DG, please fix my typo. It should be “safe journey.” Thanks!

  3. Amuzeme Avatar

    DG I hope you have a wonderful time and return home with a happy heart 🙂
    I can’t wait to read your stories. In the meantime, thanks for thinking us and leaving guest bloggers.