Have a good memory to avoid repeating mistakes

Today a nice-looking man emailed me. Based on his profile, he would be someone I would be interested in getting to know. He met most of my criteria.

However, as I looked at his picture, I felt I had seen it before. Had he appeared in my matches before? If so, I would have contacted him. Had I done that? My cloudy memory seemed to remember some contact, but it went nowhere. Did he not respond? Say he wasn’t interested?

I responded to his email asking if he remembered if we’d connected in the past. He said he didn’t think so, and did I want to get together. Whoa, cowboy! He was moving too fast! On the second email wanting a meeting without even having a “get to know you a bit” phone call? Something was off.

Then I remembered. We had a phone call 6 months ago. I thought it was odd that he asked “If you felt the chemistry was right, how soon would you feel comfortable being intimate? The first date?” “No.” “The second date?” “No.” “The third date?” “I doubt it, but it is so dependent on how we click.”

Although my radar was up that he was only looking for a quick roll in the hay, I agreed to meet him for coffee the next day. I tend to give people the benefit of a doubt, so thought I may have misinterpreted his questioning. I took his cell number and he took mine.

I arrived at the coffee shop at the appointed time. I waited. And waited. And waited. After 20 minutes, I called his cell. Wrong number. Had I written it wrong or had he given me a fake number? I returned home. I emailed him asking what happened, giving him the grace of allowing he might have had an emergency. I never heard back.

I figured that because I was not going to be an easy sex partner, he moved on and stood me up without the decency to call and cancel. And now he was again wanting to meet me.

No, I will not be getting together with this inconsiderate guy.  My memory is too good.