Having a SNORgasbord with your sweetie

You’ve been dating the same guy for a while. You’ve decided it is time to have a sleepover. You follow the rules set forth in “Sleepover do’s and don’ts.”

You’re snuggled in his arms, loving the closeness. You begin to drift to slumberland until … he starts snoring in your ear. And not just a sweet littlefoghorn muffled snorting or grunting. But a full-bore snore — the sound of a freight train running through your bedroom, or a foghorn warning the ships to stay at bay — even though you live in Kansas. Maybe he has sleep apnea, which can not only be dangerous, but Mac-truck loud as he begins to breathe again after a temporary cessation.

Two of my beaus had such deafening snoring I slept on the couch in other parts of the house to get away from the cacophonous noise. Even with ear plugs, I could still hear them! Once at a hotel, there was nowhere to escape. I was a hair’s breadth away from dragging a blanket and pillow to the walk-in closet to sleep — until I realized it was only 20-feet away and wouldn’t make much difference.

geeseMaybe you’re the snorter, emitting a short guttural sound with each breath. Or perhaps your sound is like a very large — and loud — gaggle of geese honking overhead.

If only one of you snores, it can cause unrest (bad pun, I know). How can you have a snugglefest with your sweetie if you can’t sleep in the same room? Do you develop a routine of cuddling then retreat to the guest room or couch for sleep?

If both of you snore, however, it is a snorgasbord! As long as one of you doesn’t awaken the other with your nocturnal racket, you can both enjoy snuggling while snoring.

Breathe RightAccording to Breathe Right, “Snoring affects 50 million — more than half — of all U.S. households.” They make the newest version of what I consider a “marital aid.” No, not the kind that has been around for centuries. I’m talking about nasal strips.

I’ve asked snoring sleep partners to use these and they nearly always significantly reduced the frequency and volume of the braying. I consider them relationship life savers, along with comfortable ear plugs and breath mints.

Breathe Right even has a Snore-O-Meter that let’s you listen to four kinds of snorers. Great! Like I haven’t heard enough snoring to last a lifetime?

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3 responses to “Having a SNORgasbord with your sweetie”

  1. Jim the tech guy Avatar
    Jim the tech guy

    As an engineer it bugs me that no one knows how these things work, but they really do. My SO asked me to try them and it not only improved our relationship but I got better sleep. So I second this recommendation. Of course if a person has sleep apnia, they should also check with their MD about other options.

  2. Snoring Avatar

    This is very interesting indeed. I can sincerely agree with Jim the tech guy 🙂

  3. Sam Avatar


    Here some tips to eliminate your snoring change your position during sleep is one of the possible answers to snoring, but the only one. Consider these helpful hints for a quite, restful night’s sleep.

    Sleep in a cool, well ventilates room. Research has shown that sleep is less disturbed at cooler temperature.

    Sleep on a firm mattress with a low pillow to keep your neck straight. Reducing obstruction in your airway