Men and Zen

buddhaMy beau du jour is a vegetarian Buddhist who plays guitar professionally in two reggae bands. Additionally, he holds down a day job, and runs his own small business after hours.

Needless to say, we have interesting conversations. Our first encounter was a hot chocolate date, since neither of us drink coffee. Over frothy cocoa we discussed Buddhist tenets and philosophy, karma, and reggae vs. R&B music. We compared notes on how to bring a loving and accepting spirit to dating and our businesses. Not the normal first-date conversation. I was drawn to him because of the depth of his thinking, reading and conversation.

Rabbit HoleOur second date, we rented the sequel to “What the Bleep Do We Know!?,” called “Down the Rabbit Hole.” On our third date he brought a book on consciousness that we read together and discussed the concepts.

This man is different than any of the other 67. Rarely have I discussed with a date the concepts of karma, letting go of suffering, predetermination vs. self-determination, evil vs. sickness.

A Buddhist belief is actions have consequences, and so far his actions have drawn me to him. Buddhists view nothing as fixed or permanent, so I don’t have the expectation that this relationship will be forever. They also understand that change is possible, so while I won’t try to change him, I’ll see how our relationship shifts as we get to know each other better.

The best news is that if one of us decides not to continue our dating, there will be no drama. We both agree that whatever is is, and if one of us does not see a future together, then that is what is so. And if we do continue to date, I would expect he wouldn’t complain about anything, as he believes in accepting whatever is as perfect. So I can get away with pretty much anything. 🙂

But, no, I won’t press my luck.

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One response to “Men and Zen”

  1. veriveriteri Avatar

    Mmmmmm… I have a man just like that. Never a complaint. And believe me, there is plenty to complain about! And no drama. It’s been fifteen months of perpetual dating and it just gets better. My friends ask if we will move in together and I say, “What? Then there would be drama!”

    I love it.