My Greg Behrendt Show episode airs this Friday

On Aug. 30 I told you I taped an episode of the Greg Behrendt TV show. It is showing this Friday. (See my post-taping comments at My experience being on the “Greg Behrendt Show”.) You’ll get to see me in the flesh (well, on the screen). I asked my question to the panel about 3/4 the way through the show. Don’t go to the bathroom or you’ll miss me!

Go to “Station Search” and click on your state to see what station the show’s on. (It’s on Fox in my area.) Mostly the show airs in the daytime, so you may have to TiVo it.

Here’s the description:

Greg’s Guide to New Sex Etiquette

What percentage of the audience ‘fesses up to first-date sex? What does Greg call “the #1 killer of relationships”? Whether you’re a battle-scarred veteran or just diving into the shark-infested dating pool, you’ve gotta watch today’s hour. Tune in and take part in a candid conversation about modern romance with the co-host of HBO’s “SexMichelle and James Lesure Inspectors” (Michael Alvear), actors James Lesure (“Las Vegas”) and Brody Hutzler (“Days of Our Lives”), and TV personalities Jess Zaino and Michelle Merkin. From booty calls to “faking it,” get informed before you go out.

While the “celebrities” weren’t very well known (other than perhaps James Lesure), they are somewhat amusing, as are some of the other “pop up” guests. (Michelle and James are in the pic above.)

Click here to view my little part.

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3 responses to “My Greg Behrendt Show episode airs this Friday”

  1. Bruce Daley Avatar

    I looked it up and you on at 4:00 am in my city! Well I guess it will be a late night!

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Well, you should be just about dragging yourself home from those Denver bars around then, so the timing is right!
    There’s always TiVo

  3. Bruce Daley Avatar

    Very true, but as you know well Goddess timing is key in life.