My Valentine’s gift to you: 50% off my books

Valentine’s Day can be emotionally brutal for some people. A friend shared that the holiday celebrating love fell that right after her divorce was final. She was feeling lonely and unloved and was unprepared for her emotional response to watching coworker after coworker get flowers, balloons and gifts delivered to work. It hit her hard.

So to help you get through any negative emotions Valentine’s Day conjures up for you, I decided to provide you with a date — with me!

Or at least with my books.

To encourage you to curl up with someone/thing warm, fun, witty, insightful (humility has never been my strong suit), I’m offering you a very special limited time Valentine’s Day deal: 50% off any of my books. Buy one, two or all — you’ll get half off. Tell your friends. Or buy them as gifts for your midlife, single friends! They’ll love you even more for it.

I’m sure you haven’t read them all yet — have you?

If you want me to autograph a copy to you (or your friends), order the printed version of Date or Wait: Are You Ready for Mr. Great? I’ll get it in the mail within 24 hours of the order.

And remember, you get a copy of the eBook Attract Your Next Great Mate: Dating Advice From Top Relationship Experts with any book purchase.

The secret discount code to use at checkout: HALFOFF.

(Fine print: Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. Offer ends at midnight 2/14/10.)


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