One ringy-dingy — making the first call go smoothly

phoneIt seems many people have difficulty with the first phone call. If you are initiating the call, you may procrastinate because you don’t know how to start.

Nowadays, men know that some women don’t want to give out their number, so they give her their number. This gives the woman more control over who they call and when. but once you’ve called, with caller ID, he has your number.

I like to call first from my cell phone. If you give your land line number, anyone can easily put it in Google and find out not only your street address, but a map to your home!

  1. Don’t put off calling for more than a few days after getting the person’s number. If you do, it shows you’re either not very interested or too busy to see him. Some waiting is good, but too long and he’ll move on.
  2. Review the person’s profile before you call. In fact, having it in front of you is a good idea. If he calls you, quickly find his profile if you are in front of your computer so you can be more conversant about him, his interests and life. It is annoying to be asked “Are you divorced,” “Do you have kids?” “What city are you in?” and other data that is in my profile.
  3. Listen carefully. This means you shouldn’t place the first call while driving, grocery shopping, or other tasks that may distract you. I find it rude if someone I haven’t talked to before tries to multi-task during the call. It doesn’t make a good first impression. If he calls you and you’re caught in the middle of something, ask if you can call him back within a certain time period.
  4. Don’t interrupt. If you tend to be an interrupter, keep it in check, especially during the first call. I’ve declined dates with guys who were blatant interrupters as I find that a difficult habit to deal with.
  5. Ask questions, but don’t interrogate. Think of questions that will help you know the person better, beyond the basics, of what do you do, where do you work, etc.
  6. Share air time. A person who hogs the conversation is a bore! Make sure there is give and take, so he feels like you are interested in him.
  7. Take a deep breath and just dial!

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