“Sex: A Man’s Guide”

I thought this posting would pique your interest!

But, since mostly women read this blog, why am I writing about men’s sex?

When I began to put my toe in the dating water, I realized I had been intimate with only man in the past 20 years. I wondered what might have changed. What should I be aware of that I didn’t need to worry about much with pre-marriage intimacy in the ’70s and ’80s? For example, I knew virtually nothing about STDs and decided I should educate myself.

At my library’s book sale Sex: A Man’s Guide jumped out at me. Nearly literally. A friend shopping with me pulled it from the piles and said I needed it. I flipped through it and agreed. I figured I should know what guys know — or at least should know. I read the 478 pages in one sitting — then had to take a cold shower.

It was so informative I decided to make it my coffee table book. It is quite a conversation piece, with dinner party guests taking turns reading aloud especially, uh, “interesting” parts.

I decided it would be a great test for gentleman callers. I toyed with putting Post It Notes peeking out from particular pages on how to please a woman. Then I could later see if he had done his homework. I considered leaving the book on the coffee table, putting a hair on the cover before a guy came over, then excusing myself, and later seeing if he’d picked it up. That’s an old detective trick — I’d know because the hair would be gone.

It turned out that most guys, pals as well as suitors, were interested in it immediately. Some asked why I had it, however most didn’t. But they weren’t turning to the parts I wanted them to. They turned to “prostate problems,” “erectile dysfunction,” and “male G-spot.” Drat! My plan did not go as I imagined.

Still, it is a good read. Just make sure you have enough cold water for a shower afterward.

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3 responses to ““Sex: A Man’s Guide””

  1. Silfrenwulf Avatar

    lol, good post.
    Believe me, I’d have gone straight to th parts about women first.

  2. carol Avatar

    Great post.I like the way you write.

  3. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Thanks to you both! Stay tuned for more!