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  • When the other woman is grandkids

    Most of us would be hurt and disappointed if our man cheated with another woman. We would feel betrayed. But what if the object of our love’s attention wasn’t a woman — but his young grandchild?

  • Does he make requests or demands?

    You can tell a lot about someone’s mindset by his word choice. How does he express his thoughts? By conscious, considerate language? Or disrespectful speech?

  • The sex shark

    Right or wrong, a popular belief about sharks is that they are always hungry; always on the hunt. I’ve come across men who seem to have a similar unquenchable appetite — for sex.

  • Finding happiness

    At a recent closing conference luncheon, the next host country, China, provided beautiful scrolls with a different saying on each. There was no notation on the beautiful red box which saying was inside. Several at my table unfurled theirs to have our Chinese table host read the calligraphy. “Happiness” read a few. “Long life” said […]

  • Do you see yourself as others see you?

    Various studies have shown that few people see themselves as others see them. We tend to either overrate or underrate our attractiveness compared to others’ collective rating of us. How is it that you can look in the mirror and say, “Looking good!” and others think you need help. I’ve recently decided our self-view is […]

  • The comedy of dating

    We all have funny dating stories about our forays into the unpredictable world of dating. Often these are tales of dates gone bad. What if you had to tell about your dating adventures with the criteria of making them positive and funny!

  • Get your bad self on

    Do you know how to feel sexy? This seems like an odd question for someone in midlife. But an attractive, midlife woman came up to me after I gave a talk at an executive women’s event where she modeled in the fashion show.

  • Fun with Karel!

    Saturday night’s interview with KGO radio’s outspoken Karel was fun. We talked about issues like Karel’s Third Date Rule, which is his opinion that you need to sleep with a suitor by the third date in order to see if you’re sexually compatible and should continue seeing each other or not. Since Karel’s husband died […]

  • Listen to DG on KGO radio Sat. night

    Tune in Sat., Sept. 17 at 9:07 p.m. PST to hear me interviewed by Karel on KGO radio. Should be fun!

  • Flash mob!

    I believe that part of being successful in midlife dating is stretching one’s comfort zone. By doing activities you normally wouldn’t do, you gain more confidence and explore if you’d like to do that activity again.

  • Full-court press

    While most women appreciate attention and a man expressing his interest, sometimes there can be too much too soon. Then it feels smothering or borderline stalking. This week a new man contacted me from a dating site. He met the minimum requirements and seemed interesting, although he’s geographically undesirable. But I was intrigued enough to […]