The addiction of dating

Dating can be addicting. Why?

There is the excitement of the chase. The first emails, the first phone calls, the first meetings. The attention of a man attempting to please you — to woo you. I’m often drawn to a man who says he’s wants to spoil his woman. I like spoiling, don’t you?

With online dating, there is a steady steam of potential suitors. Men write and tell you they are drawn to you: “You are smart, sexy, beautiful.” Sounds good to me! I can’t help it, I fall for these old lines.

Guys go out of their way to try to impress you. They (usually) want to make a great first impression, so they are charming (if they know how), chivalrous, engaging. Not all men, of course, but more are at the beginning of the dating cycle.

When I’ve found myself in between beaus, I’ve feverishly searched various online dating sites looking for potential matches. I’ve violated my own “don’t initiate” rule and emailed interesting guys. To be without my fix of dating (e.g., attention) can be unnerving. You do what you need to do to score a flirty email or coffee date.

So beware. The dating dance can be habit forming. Watch out if you find yourself constantly searching the dealers (online dating sites), and be careful of doing things you know are not in your best interest (dating a guy you know isn’t a good match) just to get your high.

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