The trial kiss

In sales, when you check for buying interest you use a trial close. Something like, “If you were to purchase this, which color/size/model would you like most?” Or, “If you were to go ahead, how many units would you initially order?”

kissI’ve noticed some guys use a “trial kiss” to check for a woman’s “buying interest.” This is a kiss that is unexpected. Instead of at the end of the date as you’re saying goodbye, he’ll stop while you’re walking, or off to the side waiting for your table, or in the middle of a store.

It’s more than a peck, although it can start there. But it quickly evolves into a short, but passionate kiss.

I didn’t date much in high school, but maybe this is a standard technique. They guys I dated in and after college didn’t do this either. So now that I’m dating mature men, the first few times it happened I was startled as it was unexpected. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. But it created more physical closeness for the rest of the date. And at the end, more and longer kissing.

I’ve decided it is a way some guys gage a woman’s passion temperature. One man, now a pal, says he uses an unexpected kiss to see how the woman reacts. If she gets offended, he knows she’s not for him. Before we first met, he told me he was going to kiss me when he greeted me, so I wasn’t surprised when he planted one on my lips. He didn’t go beyond that, so I just smiled. Half an hour later, he planted another one when we were in an empty aisle of a department store. And yes, there was more, longer kissing later.

If the man doesn’t get a negative response, he sees it as a sign you’re open for more. So decide what is comfortable for you, and if a trial kiss early on isn’t, then let him know. And know that if you don’t say anything, he’ll read it as you’re open to the rest of his sales pitch.

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