Timing is everything

You know the old adage that the secret to comedy is timing? The same is true in dating.

We seek the mate of our dreams. So we date. And we date. And we date.

We get frustrated. “Why can’t I find a great guy?” we ask ourselves. We get tired of going out on dates that go nowhere. Maybe we get bitter.

You have to ask yourself if you believe a great guy for you is out there. “Yes,” you respond.

You ask if he’s looking for you. “Yes. Unless he’s currently married. Then he’d have to get divorced, then find me.”

Can you speed up the process? No. You don’t know when or where you’ll meet. But you’re certain you will meet. You don’t know if it’s today, next week, or next year.

You have a choice. You can get frustrated and perhaps bitter about something you can’t control. Or you could enjoy the process and relax. Meet interesting men, as you never know if the next one is your guy. Notice the positive characteristics in the guys who aren’t a match for you. Ignore and forgive the ones who don’t have the social graces to exit thoughtfully or treat you right.

And have faith that when the time is right you will meet your guy. He’s very likely looking for you as hard as you are looking for him.

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One response to “Timing is everything”

  1. Callebaut Avatar

    The philosophy behind this posting is great but doesn’t address the reality of most mid-life women that I know. Most of us don’t have “dates that go nowhere.” We simply never have dates. Obviously I’m biased about my friends but the women I know in this situation are bright, successful, interesting, attractive and not sitting at home. For us, there is no process, no dating.