We have a winner!

Our Valentine’s contest judges found it difficult to choose a winner because there were so many good entries. I wish I had more prizes to award! I’m sure there will be other contests in the future as I seem to now be getting a regular stream of prize offerings.

But the winner — by a nose — was Mark’s entry:

Do look at her and drink her in and realize that somehow, miraculously, she’s even more incredibly cute and sexy right now than she’s ever been. Oh my gosh, if you weren’t in a public place, you’d ravish her!

Don’t notice that she has a few extra pounds or a bit of gray in her hair or a wrinkle or two around her eyes. That just means she is where you are and she understands life the way you do, the way someone much younger can’t.

I guess it appealed to our middle-aged sensibilities! Thank you for all the creative, funny, sweet and touching entries.