“What size bed do you prefer?”

bedThis is a favorite question to ask a guy I’ve been flirting with for a bit. Depending on the chemistry, it is not a first-conversation question, and perhaps not even a first-date question. But if he is fun and flirty, then I’ll ask.

It tells me a lot about him.

Whatever he answers I ask, “Why?” That gives me the info I want to know. It’s a piece of the puzzle.

If he says, “King,” I ask why. He then may say, “I like my space. If I’m going to have to sleep with someone, I don’t want to keep running into her all night.”

All righty then. I know this guy is not into midnight contact, let alone cuddling. I’m into snoozing and snuggling, so this would leave me feeling out in the cold.

However, if he said he liked a king bed because it gave us more options for activities and we could spread out the Sunday paper as we curled up in each other’s arms, I’d know we were on the same track.

One guy told me he was claustrophobic, so sharing a less-than-a-king bed meant he couldn’t sleep. I’m a touchy person, so this did not bode well.

Another man answered, “Queen.” When asked why, he said, “I like to be near the woman I’m sleeping with. I like to put my arm around her waist, spoon and pull her close.” Yep, right answer. Go to the head of the class. My kind of guy. (Of course, there are other criteria, but this was a good start.)

How would you answer the question and why?

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2 responses to ““What size bed do you prefer?””

  1. Josiane Feigon Avatar
    Josiane Feigon

    Feng Shui says not to have open slats on the bed because that promotes infidelity.
    Great post Goddess!

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar
    Dating Goddess

    I guess I need to ask if his bed has slats now, too!