When it clicks, throw out some of your criteria

I met a wonderful man online 10 days ago. He is successful, intelligent, funny, gentlemanly, worldly, interesting, communicative, educated, considerate, articulate, complimentary, shares his feelings, and is a great conversationalist. So far, we share the values we’ve discussed. We have similar political views and philosophies about life. We are both small business owners. We talk every day for an hour. But we haven’t met. Why?

Because he lives 2000 miles away.

I nearly never communicate with a man outside a 1-hour drive from my home. Why? Because I’ve found it takes being with a man to really see how I feel around him. How does he treat me when we’re together? It’s easy to be charming and chivalrous on the phone. It’s another thing when he walks 5 steps ahead or doesn’t look me in the eye when he talks.

So far, I really like what I’ve gotten to know. More so than any other man I’ve encountered in this dating adventure. We are arranging a time to meet, but we both have extended travel coming up soon. We are looking at connecting in person when we both return.

I’ll let you know then if I will reassess my no-long-distance-relationship rule. I think this one may be worth ditching the rule for.

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