Acknowledge the good stuff

In May, I wrote about my friend Mike Robbins’ work using appreciation to deepen relationships at work and home. (See “The power of appreciation in dating.”)

The Power of Appreciation

His book, Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation, is finally published, and he’s doing a special drive to get on Amazon’s bestseller list tomorrow. If you buy it Aug. 28 (at a new-release discount), you will receive hundreds of dollars of free bonus products from authors and speakers like Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Jeffrey Gitomer, many others. Learn the details on how to get the bonus materials.

The book shows you how you can dramatically enhance the quality of your life and relationships by focusing on what you’re grateful for, who you appreciate, and all the good stuff around you. Mike teaches simple yet effective ways to utilize the power of appreciation — leading to greater success and fulfillment. This book is filled with action items, ideas, and practices that help you bring more appreciation into your life, thus giving you a deep sense of peace, satisfaction, and gratitude. It is endorsed by Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Michael Beckwith, and many others. The foreword was written by Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Here’s a recap of Mike’s formula for giving great compliments, something we can apply to those we want to continue to date, as well as others in our lives.

Mike RobbinsOne of the best things we can do to support, empower, and inspire the people in our lives is to let them know what we appreciate about them. However, for some of us complimenting and acknowledging people can be challenging for a number of reasons -– we’re busy, we take others for granted, we focus on the things about them that we don’t like, we worry about what they’ll think, or we feel uncomfortable expressing our appreciation.

Here are some specific tips for how to give great compliments:

1. Be genuine — speak from your heart, say what you mean and mean what you say.

2. Be specific — let them know exactly what you appreciate about them (the quality or action) and why

3. Share how they impact you in a positive way — people can’t argue with our experience, so when we let them know what they’ve done and how it has impacted us, it gets through the “gate keeper” that most people have for deflecting compliments.

4. Give without attachment — don’t expect anything in return.

5. Make sure they accept your compliment — don’t let them deflect, disagree, or blow off your acknowledgement.

As we enhance our skill and ability with acknowledging others, we become a powerful force of love and appreciation. Giving great compliments is something we all can do to increase the level of love and connection we experience with the people in our lives. And, it’s fun!

See how you can use these tips with the person you are dating.

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One response to “Acknowledge the good stuff”

  1. Tyson Avatar

    I had the good fortune and privilege to meet Mike in late June. Since then, I have read the book, and my life has changed. Imagine going through all the same things in any particular day that you normally would – but you enjoy them.

    All I did was become more conscious of my outlook on life, and all of the ordinary, annoying, frustrating, irritating things just seem to have gotten smaller, or I learn more from them, or sometimes they’re just downright funny! If we’re going to be doing all these things anyway, why not enjoy them?!? Read the book and see what this is like.