Are you a good verbal hugger?

A verbal hug is a sincere acknowledgment. The usual result is that the receiver feels good. It’s similar to a physical hug, but there’s no touching — except the recipient’s heart is often touched. You embrace him with your words. We all like sincere compliments, as long as it’s not overdone.

A relationship is built upon positive experiences, and working through less than positive ones with care. Verbal hugs help build a foundation with your man that shows you catch him doing things you like.

You can start giving verbal hugs in early emails and phone conversations and extend to face-to-face meetings. In emails, I try to find something in the guy’s profile or previous emails that I admire, and tell him so.

In a phone conversation, it could be, “I’m glad we connected,” “I’m glad you called,” or “Thanks for giving me a call.” At the end of a telephone conversation, instead of, “Talk to you later,” try “It was really good to talk to you,” or “I’m glad you called.”

When meeting instead of asking the trite, “How are you?” try, “It’s so good finally get to meet you,” or, if it’s true, “You look great.” As he shares things you think are interesting or impressive, tell him so. Make a point to tell your date one thing you admire about him, “I admire how you have such patience with challenging people.” Or reinforce a success with, “I applaud your fortitude to get your degree while raising a family.”

However, don’t pile it on too thick or you will seem that you’re coming on too strong. See how he reacts. If he seems comfortable and also offers positive comments to you, you can continue to sprinkle your verbal hugs into conversations.

How can you “hug” your next date?

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2 responses to “Are you a good verbal hugger?”

  1. Bruce Daley Avatar

    As always, your writing is clean and motivating. This passage was a pleasure to read!

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Ah, a verbal hug! You are a quick learner!