Dating’s revolving door

revolving doorSome of my friends tease me about the revolving door of my dating life. It is true that men come and go through my life, some rather quickly, others lingering longer. (See “They come, they go.”)

My pals have asked “Why? Why don’t more men stick around?” Good question. Some have. But I think I’ve become more discerning, so after a few dates I am a better judge about whether someone has stickiness or not.

Recently, after 6 times together, I decided that someone wasn’t for me. His conversation revealed more paranoid and limited thinking than I like being around. There had been hints of that before, but in the sixth encounter it was solidified. So time to release him to hook up with someone more on his wavelength.

That’s how it happens. One of both of us decide the other isn’t right and we let the other go. Ideally, no hard feelings. Just, “We aren’t a match.” And hopefully, “I wish you well.”

And soon another enters the turnstile.

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3 responses to “Dating’s revolving door”

  1. Steve Mertz Avatar

    Dear Goddess, I’m sending you an over night delivery of WD-40 to keep that revolving door lubed up 🙂

  2. Gatti Avatar

    Well, my next best hope has just emailed that an old flame has fluttered and he’s decided to go in that direction. We hadn’t met yet, only telephoned, but it seemed quite promising. Ah well…

    The last time this happened I did really like the guy, though we hadn’t actually dated yet and we kept up a correspondence and phone calls. And then the flame went out, and then so did we, and then after 3 years of verbal abuse I’m on the dating scene again.

    So now, if someone tells me that for whatever reason they don’t want to be with me, the answer is “Good luck and God speed!” and the next thing I say is “Next!!!”.

  3. DiannaBeich Avatar


    As a fresh user i only want to say hello to everyone else who uses this board B-)