Do you want an “E-Ticket” guy?

DisneylandIf you visited Disneyland or Disney World before 1982, you remember what an “E-Ticket” was. If you don’t, it refers to the entrance tickets for the park’s most thrilling or interesting rides, like the Matterhorn bobsled, and other state-of-the-art activities. If you were a normal kid, you loved the E-Ticket rides. As a 10-year-old, I remember my 15-year-old brother trying to snooker me out of my E-Tickets in exchange for his A-Tickets, which were for the sedate rides. But I didn’t fall for it!

Now in dating, I find guys falling into categories paralleling the ticket letters. An “A-Ticket” guy is nice, safe, and perhaps a bit boring. An “E-Ticket” guy is exciting, thrilling, and maybe a tad on the wild side.

e ticketThe beauty of dating is you get to decide what kind of ticket you want. At Disneyland, you could buy a book of mixed ticket levels. In dating, that’s what dating around is for. You try different categories of “rides” (dates) to see what you like. Maybe you decide you like mostly C- or D-Ticket type of dates (let’s say that’s dinner and listening to a band at a club). You then look for guys who like to do mostly those kinds of activities.

But what if you’re an E-ticket gal and like on-the-edge recreation? Let’s say that’s rock climbing, parachute jumping, and motorcycle riding. If you find an E-ticket guy, you’re in heaven. You know to steer clear of the A-Ticket guys who mostly like to read, play chess and watch TV.

My own preference is for a mixed-ticket guy. I like some E-Ticket activities, although my definition of E-Ticket doesn’t include the ones listed above. I like exciting things (I’ve walked across a 12-foot bed of hot coals, climbed a 25-foot tall pole and leaped off, and swum with stingrays). But I like a cross-section of activities, sometimes including A-Ticket ones like reading, watching TV, and napping.

What’s your preference? Have you discovered your optimal guy’s ticket level? Or do you like a mix?

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One response to “Do you want an “E-Ticket” guy?”

  1. Bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    Excellent post. I go for A ticket guys all the way, all the time, as I can’t handle excitement or unpredictability in relationships the way I could when I was in my teens and twenties. Give me a nice, sedate, predictable gentleman to grow old with and I’d be happy as a pig with extra slops.

    Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that the older A ticket guys are all either married and settled in for the long haul, or else they’re looking for E ticket gals and not a nice homely, homebody A ticket gal like me… 🙁

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂