Do your friends birddog for you?

Lab retrieverBy “birddog” I am not referring to Labrador Retrievers, English Pointers, or German Shorthaired Pointers. However, I am referring to their ability to find and point out what you are looking for.

The verb “birddog” is common in sales. When someone birddogs for you, s/he is providing you leads to prospects. When I was president of a sales association, we had “Birddog Breaks” at our meetings to share the kind of prospect we each were looking for, and other members would provide prospect contact info if they had it.

When your friends birddog for you, they are suggesting their single friends as possible romantic partners for you. They may do as little as providing a name, contact info. and a brief bio. Others may more actively birddog, playing a yenta role, inviting you both on an outing and talking you up to each other.

My point is, are you actively asking your friends to birddog for you? Are you telling them you are dating and the type of guy you’re looking for? Some people pooh-pooh the concept of friends setting you up for dates. But others know that the more people who are on the lookout for a great guy for you, the more likely you’ll find them.

So share your quest with your pals and ask them to be on the lookout for you. Be specific with what you are looking for, otherwise you’ll be set up on blind dates with people they think are great but are in no way a good match for you. And always thank your friends for their efforts even if the date is a bust. Tell them what you liked about the guy and repeat what you’re looking for so you can train your birddog to be an even better hunter.

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2 responses to “Do your friends birddog for you?”

  1. Mitsy Avatar

    I have been spending a lot of time with a guy friend who had just prior tried to set me up with one of “his” friends. The set-up was a no go. Guy was too old and had some strange fetishes (according to another friend who knew him). LOL Anyway, my guy friend and I are not dating anyone else, and while I had never thought about “him” as possibly anything more, I realize that it could be maybe at some point. We have laughed about the set-up that didn’t happen and while we are both feeling a bit vulnerable at this point in life, the time we’ve spent together has been nice.

    While I have not had good luck with any set-ups thus far, I still think it is possible to meet someone great via a set-up. Who knows, you might end up going out with the person who is trying to do the set-up instead.

  2. bookyone Avatar

    Hi DG,

    Bird-dogging is something I wish my friends would do for me as I think networking is the best way to meet people, whether for business or pleasure. Unfortunately, my friends are all married and so are their friends; (although they have offered to set me up with married friends – to which I politely say, no, thank you. I may not be married myself, but I don’t believe in the concept of open marriage).

    So where are all the single 40+ guys hanging out? They’re not in the Southeast, that’s for sure. I have thought about relocating to Alaska, as I’ve read the odds are a lot better for a single woman of any age up there. Is this really true or just a lot of media twaddle?

    Best wishes from bookyone 🙂