Falling in love one drop at a time

drip coffeeHave you noticed that people fall in love with varying rapidity? For some, it’s a wham, all-at-once thing soon — sometimes minutes — after meeting someone. For others, it may take years. For some it’s a slow-but-steady thing, like coffee dripping through the filter one drop at a time. It’s a thousand drops that bring you to the final brewed result — rich, full-flavored love.

Just as a cup of gourmet coffee consist of various beans, roasting methods, water, spices, etc., so too the heart-winning blend in your pot of love. Some components could include:

  • the way he smiles
  • how he looks at you
  • how he dresses
  • his laugh
  • his kisses
  • how he touches you
  • little things he says that show he’s thoughtful and caring
  • how he stands and walks (posture)
  • his thoughtfulness and respectfulness toward you and others
  • how he makes you laugh
  • his voice
  • how he makes you feel special, feel loved
  • his smell
  • how he treats you generally
  • flowers, cards, gifts or other ways he tangibly shows he carescoffee w/heart
  • his grooming that shows he takes pride in his presentation
  • his self esteem
  • his willingness to improve himself (going to the gym, taking classes, counseling)
  • his values
  • how he articulates his thoughts

What are other ingredients in your love blend? What makes you fall for a man?

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4 responses to “Falling in love one drop at a time”

  1. greendaze44 Avatar

    I need to respect their decisions. How they treat animals. A spark in their eye. Or it could be just a very unique thing about that person. I love to be able to bounce fun sayings or jokes with someone. You know how you can IM someone and you say some comment from some inside joke or some movie and they get what your saying? That is so fun.
    Being playful and having fun. I’m 45 and recently I realized how short life is and I didn’t want to spend it mad and fighting with my husband. So I left after 12 years and now I just want to laugh and have fun and I want that in my future relationship. You really evaluate your past relationships at this point in your life for the good and the bad. And I’ve good relationships before, they just maybe weren’t right at the time, but I know what I did like about that relationship and will look for that in the future.

  2. luvs_chocolate Avatar

    I totally agree with you greendaze…I was with my husband for 25 years and never realized how unhappy I was until I got out of my “marriage” and found someone who made me laugh and have fun without all the hurtful negative feelings…I am not in a relationship at the moment but now I know what to look for.

  3. Ally Avatar

    – what he gives his time to
    – what he does when I’m ill
    – whether he takes me seriously
    – whether he knows how to tease me

  4. seilidhe Avatar

    All of the above… and how he hugs me…