Guy needs to make effort for first encounter

I broke my own rule the other day — I initiated contact with a guy. I don’t know why I do this — the results are almost laughably predictable. He had looked at my profile, but didn’t write. I thought he was cute, smart, articulate, so I wrote.

His response: “I live close to [intersection about 10 miles from me]. If you ever find yourself coming to this area maybe we can plan a chance meeting.”

Translated: “I don’t have much desire to meet you and am not willing to make any effort, so if you come to me, I’ll eke out a few minutes to deign to see if you have any appeal to me.”

Well, buddy, your inertia is unappealing. Even if we lived a ways apart, you could at least offer to meet half way if you’re so lethargic that you can’t muster the extra 5 miles to meet near me, which most guys do.

And, by the way, how does one “plan a chance meeting”? It’s an oxymoron. That’s like planned spontaneity. You can’t plan a “chance” meeting.

So, no, pal, I won’t be calling you nor driving to your neighborhood for that planned chance meeting.

When will I learn that if they don’t initiate they have no energy for you?

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