Has your guy been metro-ed?

Metro manMetro — as in metrosexual. According to Dictionary.com metrosexual, or metro, describes “a heterosexual male who has a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in appearance and style, similar to that of homosexual males.”
UrbanDictionary.com includes the following description: “Mint (great) guys who are SNAGs (Sensitive New Age Guys) and follow the following rules:

  1. dress hot
  2. wear awesome shoes
  3. have very modern haircut
  4. disgusted with the thought of being with another man
  5. have perfect skin and love skin products
  6. love the gym
  7. own nothing but designer everything
  8. read style magazines often e.g, GQ
  9. know how to make only the best cocktails and if they drink beer it’s top-of-the-line imported
  10. can’t deal with a mess”

I spent some time recently with a 35-year-old metro friend. He described his advising a 50-something single male pal to get a manicure to fix his ripped up and dirty fingernails. “Women like men who take care of themselves,” he advised his pal. “Get a pedicure while you’re at it.”

Most men I’ve been with have never had either, nor put anything in their hair but water, or, if old enough, Brylcreem (a little dab’ll do ya!”). Some have learned the value of hair gel or mousse. And a few have fully embraced the metro lifestyle, using various body and hair lotions and cremes. My metro pal showed me the myriad hair products he uses. And he is a babe magnet — cute, intelligent, dresses well, and treats women right. But he’s still single, although has been dating his current flame for 8 months.

Are you drawn to metro men? Or do you like the more rugged kind? Although a man can be rugged and still know the value of soft hair and/or skin, even though these seem at odds. What would you think of a man who fits the UrbanDictionary definition? Is there a line that is too far for you? Some men are wearing facial foundation to even out their skin tones, other midlife men are dying their hair, some use “man purses.” What is acceptable to you and what isn’t?

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3 responses to “Has your guy been metro-ed?”

  1. Meari Avatar

    I dated a “metro” man. Aside from looking good, he doesn’t have a clue as to how to treat a woman. I’d always been warned to observe how a guy treats waitresses, and how he talks about his mother… very true! This guy rarely thanked waitresses when we went out to eat, and he was rude to a couple. He always talked irritably about his mom. As far as the “metro” part when, he fit your description. But, “pretty” was all he was.

  2. Trish Ryan Avatar

    Ugh…this is like my nightmare man! Maybe it’s because I grew up in the country, but a guy who knows more than I do about designers and hair products, but has no idea how to change a flat tire? Total turnoff.

    I’m all for the capable hot guy 🙂

  3. Elena Avatar

    This Metrosexual thing is really a gay aesthetic. Look around and notice all the young actors/young celebs who never have any chest or body hair. They’re always photographed completely hairless and that’s considered “hot.” But it’s actually a kind of androgynous look, a kind of femme masculinity. This was once a look that was considered the “ideal” among gay males but it has now gone mainstream.

    Being attracted to this type of look is a generational thing, with younger women, like 35 years old and under, maybe being physically attracted to guys like this. Especially teenage girls, because a metrosexual guy seems more safe to be around, more comfortable because he’s so into so many “girlie” things.

    But women in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and above, I think it’s safe to say for the most part, find that kind of “pretty boy” look usually a turnoff.

    I agree with Trish. Any guy who checks himself out in a mirror and knows more about cosmetics and haircare products than I do is not my type of guy.