How men and nectarines are similar

At the farmers market, a woman asked the vendor how to tell when the nectarines were sweet and ripe.

“The ones with blemishes and freckles are the sweetest. The prettiest ones aren’t as good.”

I looked at them both and said, “Just like men.”

After the laughter subsided, we discussed how handsome men tend to be not as good to us as those with average looks. The latter seems to know they have to try a bit harder, while the former take you for granted.

Obviously, there are always exceptions, and of course, this can be said as a generality for women, too.

But it reminded me to not just pass by ordinary-looking me who seem interested in me. I have worked to give most men a chance who meet basic criteria, but do admit to sometimes saying “no” to those who don’t appeal physically to me, even without giving them a chance. It’s a difficult balance to want to give someone an opportunity, while knowing physical attraction is needed. And I don’t want to waste someone’s time who I don’t think I’d ever want to kiss.

What’s your experience with “blemished” men? Do you agree that they often try harder to win and keep you?


One response to “How men and nectarines are similar”

  1. Aaron Richards Avatar

    Nice that women are not so superficial and look only at the outside. Great article and LOVE the comparison to nectarines. And quite right too. “Blemished nectarines (men) are sweeter than “perfect nectarines”.