How needy are you?

You may have heard there’s a new smartphone app named “Yo.”

It allows the sender to send a message: Yo.

And the responder can respond with “Yo.”

That’s it. That’s all it does.

Wonder why you’d want such an app?

It was designed because the developer’s girlfriend complained that he didn’t text her enough. Because when he texted her, she knew he was thinking about her. But although he thought about her throughout the day, he didn’t have anything to say. So he created the Yo app to tell her he was thinking about her.

Are you that needy?

We all like to know someone is thinking about us. But to complain that someone wasn’t letting us know when they were thinking about us seems a bit self-absorbed.

I’m not sure I’d be exited to get a “Yo” text. Yes, it does show the guy is thinking of me, but I’d rather get an “I’m thinking of you” text or something a bit more meaningful.

Maybe I should develop an “I’m thinking of you” app! In fact, I was talking about this with a married friend and he said it would be great to have a drop down of pre-programed and customizable messages you could send the object of your affection.

“I’m missing you.”
“Can’t wait to see you.”
“I’m picturing your smile.”
“I just saw something that made me smile because it reminded me of you.”

The only problem is the recipient would soon catch on that these were pre-programmed and they wouldn’t feel so special.

What do you think of the Yo app concept? Would you like receiving a “yo”? Do you envision yourself sending one?

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9 responses to “How needy are you?”

  1. JC Avatar

    If she is that needy, and that process works – it’s a winner!

    Personally, if she was that difficult I would kick her to the curb rather than build an app to cater to her neediness. That’s just craziness.

    Needy – too much
    Indifferent – too little

    Passionate caring without the drama? Just right!

  2. Heather Avatar

    Wouldn’t do it for me. It’s a bit like the smile emoticon on dating websites – let someone know you like them without having to actually think of anything to say. Personally, I like getting a short message from someone who is thinking of me, but does it take much longer to write a short message yourself. At the beginning of a relationship it’s nice to get messages, but I don’t think I’d be expecting a boyfriend to be texting me all day

  3. Dating Goddess Avatar

    JC: I like passionate caring w/out drama!

    Heather: I’m with you — I want something heartfelt.

  4. Richard Avatar

    Let me get this straight: App to send a “yo” text. How much harder is it to send a “yo” text? I know, an app that sends a “yo” at random times. It is location aware, so it doesn’t send it when you are with her – lol.

    The average guy thinks about sex once or twice an hour. So, he can text a “thinking about you text” whenever ….

  5. Lisa Avatar

    I think that guy needs to seriously reconsider his relationship with the texter! That is very controlling and insecure behavior. Nothing he does will ever be enough, and there will be years of misery ahead. Who in their right mind would feel flattered by a scripted message, especially of one word. It is like the internet men whose first message is simply, “hi”. ( And I have added the period!) Who are these guys?! Do any woman ever respond to that kind of lazy “introduction.”

    I personally do not see the point of texting at any point in a relationship. If you are not going to talk on the phone or in person, at least with e-mail you have the time and space to be creative and say what needs to be said.

    The need for constant feedback only leads to anxiety, anger, frustration. I want a man who is wiser than his smart phone.

  6. Dating Goddess Avatar


    You are funny!

    I agree — I, too, want a man wiser than his smart phone! Well said.

  7. Mike Bernsten Avatar
    Mike Bernsten

    It seems impersonal and I can just imagine getting into trouble using it much. Yes, I would even think it is meaningless after a few of those.
    It doesn’t take much longer to send a short but nice text does it? I mean in terms of seconds it must be fairly close!
    I think there is too much automation and not enough of the real thing going on!

  8. Petya Avatar

    Completely true!Every word.. I of course don’t have that app..
    It is true that we all hope that someone thinks of us, but rarely know for sure, until they tell us – with Yo or whatever.
    It is not about how needy are you – we are all needy!

  9. Devadasi Avatar

    Hmm.. I really feel like “The Dating Goddess has put her true voice into this book”…