I want to marry a concierge

Dating after 40Dinner was high atop the Istanbul Intercontinental Hotel in the City Lights Restaurant. We met at 8:15 so the sun had set and the lights on the Anatolian (Asian) side of the city were tinkling. The ships scurried below us and the Bosporus Bridge lights were putting on their show by changing color every few minutes.

It was very romantic.

I was surrounded by interesting, intelligent, good-looking, well-groomed, impeccably mannered men who each took it upon himself to make sure I was well taken care of.

And one woman.

They all ensured I had engaging conversation, sharing their life paths and asking me questions about mine.

Thanks to a friend’s connection, I had been invited to dine with the concierges of the top hotels in Istanbul.

I was smitten.

I was impressed with each of them. Had they been single — and straight — it would have been hard for me to decide which one I would like to have woo me.

For although I knew it was an impossibility to actually marry one of these true gentlemen, it did make me appreciate being in their company.

In addition to their gentlemanliness and charm, they had special skills! It would be great to have a man who could get hard-to-find tickets or dinner reservations, who could speak fluently in several languages, and who knew how to get things done!

I thought, “How do I find a man like this? Hang out in high-end hotels and schmooze with the concierge, hoping s/he will fix me up with one of their clients?” The only problem with this is their clients are transients. They are at the hotel only momentarily, even if they return often. I want someone who is based nearby, not afar.

And, based on the stories these men shared, some of their wealthier clients are amazingly selfish and self-absorbed. They expect miracles at the snap of their fingers and then berate the staff if they don’t get it. Plus, these rich guys don’t know how to do anything for themselves since they have staff to do everything.

So I’ll continue my search for a concierge-like man, but my quest will extend beyond 5-star hotels.


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2 responses to “I want to marry a concierge”

  1. Theresa Weston Avatar
    Theresa Weston

    Awww. I am 45 and now having the same feeling like you. I also need a concierge-like man. Please let me know if you find one 🙂

  2. Jasmine Italroz Avatar
    Jasmine Italroz

    I love your thoughts. Yes, same here I also wish to marry a concierge-like man. Sounds interesting really. Hope I can also found one. 😀