I’m in love

He’s tall — 6’3-1/2″.

He’s dark — with a perpetual tan.

He’s handsome — drop dead gorgeous.

He has a deep, sexy voice.

He’s funny, humble and adorable.

He’s athletic — a former NFL player.

Our 19-year age difference doesn’t seem to matter.

There’s only one problem…

We’ve never met.

In fact, he has no idea I’m alive.

And there’s that pesky issue of his girlfriend.

Plus, I’m afraid I’m not the only woman who has gone gaga for this man. In fact, not just straight women are entranced. Ellen DeGeneres said she had to meet him once she saw him.

So I guess there’s more than one problem.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my love interest is an actor. But not the usual George, Brad or Colin. He’s Isaiah Mustafa, “the man your man could smell like” in the 2010 Old Spice commercials.

While we women know that there are few midlife men who have Isaiah’s all-over charm and stunning good looks, we can always admire those god-like specimens from afar. As long as we don’t reject the mere mortals who have other stellar qualities coupled with perhaps a little paunch, receding hairline, or wrinkles. Just as we hope they accept that unlike Jen, Angelina and Halle, we have crow’s feet, muffin tops, and cellulite.

We can pay tribute to modern day Narcissus’s and Aphrodites, but more often the true gods and goddesses come in less striking packages. Their divineness exudes through their kindness, compassion, caring and generosity.


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8 responses to “I’m in love”

  1. Cathy J Avatar

    Yes, of course we are human and to watch Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall (the rage over ten years ago) or more recently, Troy, was to do girlfriend bonding. These chick flicks were even an excuse to yell really loud at your kids or anyone else who dared walk across in front of the tele at the time “Get out of the way!”

    How about wonderful inside, perhaps even not ugly on the outside and a sense of humour – now your talking!

    Love the video in the post. Already it made me search on youtube for more fun ones – check out the beer commercials – usually on a winner with those ads!

  2. Anna Avatar

    I have had relationships with two stunningly good looking men (the first one I married) and they were both selfish, self centered and incapable of real caring feelings beyond themselves. So my lesson learnt was to stay away from the god-like types. Now, I am not saying all good looking people are self centered but I do think that to receive that much constant attention and adoration from the opposite sex, makes people full of themselves and less humble. Its the rare breed who can withstand constant attention and not get big headed. These days I look for the very qualities you mention DG – kindness, compassion, and generosity of their time and feelings. These people are indeed the real gods and goddesses.

  3. Mark Avatar

    That commercial was filmed in one take, one continuous shot. They built half a boat on a beach, and then built that bathroom on the boat’s deck. A crane lifted the bathroom. Then he sits on a mechanical device that moves him onto the back of a horse.

    It took them 60 tries to film it. The only CG in it is the stuff with the diamonds.

  4. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Yes, I saw the “making of” video. I think that was take #57. Quite a story! Amazing how it all worked together. It was fun to hear Issiah talk about how the sweater would hit him on the head, how they kept the horse still and how the set almost crashed on top of him! I think that’s in the Ellen video w/him.

  5. Mike Lowrey Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t realize that video took so much work lol.
    I really do feel that guys who get more attention from women are a different breed then guys who don’t. It’s just a different world.

    Some would say I’m self centered because I take extra time to make sure I look the best I can. I see it as I’m “self confident”, I take pride in myself. I like to treat myself well but I also know how to treat other well. I’m quite the opposite of selfish. I feel not taking care of myself and looking my best would be like buying a Bentley and putting cheap gas in it, hanging dice air fresheners on the mirror and having a big dent in it. I wouldn’t treat a $300,000 car in that way. I just value myself and how others see me.

    Everything has a value, and the more valuable something is the better we tend to treat it. Would a women put the kids open juice box and open markers in her $800 Louis Vuitton purse, I doubt it.

    Appearance/Looks are no different, we value looks in this country its just a fact. Guys who only talk about themselves like they are God’s gift is wrong. But guys who have pride in self and want the same from a mate is very practical in my opinion.

  6. Adult Dating Site Reviews Avatar

    I did not see the “making of” video. But with that appreciation would love to! Ha ha…the attention seekers guys are surely a different world…Nice video there 🙂

  7. Ronnie Ann Ryan - The Dating Coach Avatar

    DG – I think you sum things up well when you remind people to look deeper. Movies and commercials are not real. And looks do fade. That’s why I encourage my dating coaching clients to expand their requirements.

    When you choose a partner, you want a person who knows how to share, show you love and appreciation, and support you. You want to know your mate will be able to get past their own desires to consider yours as well. You want someone with similar values who you enjoy, from a sense of humor, to conversation, or just hanging around. Beauty may attract you, but won’t keep you happy in a long-term relationship if these other qualities are lacking.

  8. over40dating Avatar

    Peep in the depth of a man to find out his inner beauty. Leave out the other superficial stuffs