Looking for male equivalent of unicorn

You’ve heard such a being exists. But you have yet to encounter one. Not that you haven’t tried. Relentlessly.

You’ve hunted in the places you’ve heard they frequent. To no avail.

You mean them no harm. You would lavish one with love, affection and devotion if you were just to find one.

You hear some are skittish because they don’t like the thought of being captured, thus giving up their comfortable life in the wild. But then, they also like the benefits of a reliable companion to play with.

Many imposters have come your way, pretending to be the creature you seek. They say they are mature, thoughtful, financially secure, introspective, caring, healthy (mentally and physically), unattached and want to please. But you have yet to find one that has these seemingly simple characteristics. They are chameleon-like in that they appear this way to begin with, but then their colors change after a short while.

You have seen some who have been captured by others and most seem happy. The benefits of a warm home, dependable meals, and regular loving outweigh their desire for an untamed lifestyle. If their handler allows them to taste the wild life once in a while with their fellow domesticated ones, they seem satisfied.

So how do you find one of these rare, uncaptured creatures? The only ones left in the wild seem unwilling to give up their wild ways. And when the domesticated ones find themselves free again, they seem to want to stay wild as long as possible.

Don’t be daunted by those who pretend to be the unique treasure you want. Keep up your quest. Yours is out there, longing for the right companion.


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5 responses to “Looking for male equivalent of unicorn”

  1. Tracy Avatar

    (Nice post) Yes! My unicorn is out there…the search continues! 🙂

  2. Manyman Avatar

    The woman I need must be ready to be treated like a queen.

  3. me Avatar

    After almost two years of battling, I found my man. Right where I thought he was, but how do I tell him?

  4. sunshinemary Avatar

    I think it’s awfully hard to find a husband in one’s 40s. I suppose it would have been easier to marry in one’s early 20s.

  5. Ecclesiastes Avatar

    Regular loving? I beg your pardon?

    Oh wait. This is a DATING website, and this is what y’all are thinking when you’re dating.

    But sex is like air. It’s only really important when you’re not getting any.

    You better lipstick this idea up big, because the ‘change’ is coming. Don’t let the guy remember that.