No bull — Welsh dairy farmers herding up dates

Single Welsh dairy farmers looking for love are putting personal ads on their milk cartons! How udderly creative! This comes as they celebrate St. Dwynwen’s Day (Jan. 25), The Welsh patron saint of lovers. They’re milking this for all it’s worth!

One of the girlfriendless farmers, Iwan Jones, said, “The Welsh countryside is a great place to live, with stunning scenery, but it can be a hard place to find a date, as I’m finding out!” The site adds, “We want to encourage farmers to consider online dating as a fun way of meeting people and we thought by getting involved we could make it less intimidating.”

Fancy a farmerThe ads feature three men and two women, and asks, “Fancy a farmer?”, along with the dating web site’s URL. I guess they’re hoping the cream rises to the top and they get some good responses. Let’s hope this campaign doesn’t go sour and that for Welsh dairy farmers, “curd” and “nerd” aren’t related. Maybe a single gal will meet Mr. Creamy who is also Mr. Dreamy.

All right, enough with the puns. I can see you’re curdling.

What would you think of having your picture on an ad going out to everyone in your area? Is this savvy marketing or might you just as well brand an “L” on your forehead?

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One response to “No bull — Welsh dairy farmers herding up dates”

  1. Gatti Avatar

    Seems they’re getting more interest than they bargained for, the site is unaccessible in the moment, it’s over it’s bandwidth.

    Don’t get me started on Welshmen, I lived there!