No, I will not be dating your Harley

Harley DavidsonI am often amazed at the pictures guys post in their profiles. After nearly two years of online man shopping — looking at profiles — I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. But based on all the pictures of men with their motorcycles, these must be babe magnets. I’ve even seen men post 12 pictures of their bike — with only one of themselves.

Men also post pictures of their cars — with or without themselves in the pic, and of course their boats and planes. This made sense when I realized they wanted to show the material trappings of their financial success. However, they could be up to their eyeballs in hock to pay for such toys. I’d be more impressed if they posted the first page of last year’s tax return and a net worth statement!

They also post pictures of their dogs, which I understand as most dog owners are very attached to their pets. However, sometimes there are more pics of the dogs than them. And often there are dog pics, but none of their kids.

And some like to post nature pictures, especially if they say they are outdoors types, which 90% say they are. I don’t mind a pic of a favorite place, but again, often the guy isn’t in the pic. Or if he is, he has on a t-shirt, sunglasses and a hat, so I can’t really see what he looks like.

So, if you like motorcycle-riding guys — sort of the “bad boy” image even though he may be a dentist or accountant — you’ll be in online-dating heaven. Just make sure he pays as much attention to you as he does to his bike.

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3 responses to “No, I will not be dating your Harley”

  1. Catherine Avatar

    I have also noticed this trend along with some very inappropriate photos posted with men’s profiles. Sometimes I just sit and shake my head and wonder “What was he thinking when he posted that photo?” Guys, the photos of you looking mean, angry, or showing off your mastery of martial arts weapons will not attract a woman unless you are looking for a like minded woman.

  2. Dating Goddess Avatar

    Catherine — I think you hit the nail on the head. I think they are looking for a like-minded woman. The only challenge is that there are far fewer women who participate in or enjoy martial arts, motorcycles, extreme sports, etc. But maybe he is willing to wait for that one in a million.
    While I don’t disapprove of those mostly guy activities, I think showcasing them in photos can be off putting to many women. It’s fine to disclose you like those things, but too much emphasis on them makes me — and I think many women — just click on the next profile. I know I do that when a man describes all the physical activities he’s involved in. It makes me tired just reading about them!

  3. Gatti Avatar

    Oh, this one hits home with me! I usually hit the back button when the photos of the motor vehicles show up. Whatever are they thinking??? I also don’t like photos with too much skin. I don’t want to see your chest till I’m used to looking at your face.

    Beach photos are bad enough, but if there is a corner of an Ikea clothes cupboard behind the naked chest… Back button!!!!

    Pictures of him cuddling kids…well OK, but how about a caption about who exactly the kids are. One guy had “single, no kids” in his profile. Who was the rent-a-kid in the photo then?

    Oh, and when their photo, particularly the main profile photo, has an obviously woman’s hand draped on the shoulder. Hello???

    I could go on…one guy had a photo of himself sitting in a garden surrounded by a group of women, again with no caption or explanation. What is this telling me? That he likes women? Are they his sisters? Co-workers? Knitting society members?

    That said, I’m developing a new one with a theatre director (that wasn’t stated in his profile, he said later it puts people off. Not me…) who also had a motorbike picture and it was why I almost gave him a miss. But I liked something in his face and we’re at the emailing stage. He seems charming and I will proceed, I think.

    Shall I tell him how close he came to missing out?