Review of “Ex-Wives Club”

There’s a new five-episode series called “Ex-Wives Club.” Its hosts, Shar Jackson, Angie Everhart and Marla Maples, whose apparent qualifications are that they are good looking, are minor actresses, have had 15 minutes of fame because they were connected to famous men, and have been divorced, although Shar doesn’t even meet that qualification. She is the mother of two of Kevin Federline‘s kids. Angie’s marriage to Ashley Hamilton lasted 4 months, Marla’s to Donald Trump lasted 5.5 years.

In the promo, it says, “How do you mend a broken heart? By getting angry, getting even and getting over it!”

I agree with two of the three.

  • Get angry. Yes, anger comes from sadness — disappointment that something didn’t happen the way you wanted or expected. You can get angry — or angrier — with him. And you can get angry with yourself for putting up with whatever or not doing something. The point is to fully express your anger, yelling, crying, hitting pillows — whatever it takes to move through it. If you don’t, it will keep leaking out inappropriately with your next suitor, your friends, coworkers or even yourself.
  • Get even. With this one I disagree. Getting even is childish. In “Releasing revenge” I discuss how it may make you feel better short term, but it only perpetuates the hurt and anger between the two of you. Best to just let it go.
  • Get over it. Absolutely. Release what you need to release, take a deep breath and step into your future. Mend what needs to be healed and move on. In “It’s moving day!” I encourage you to pack up all your past relationship hurts, release them and move on.

At one point, we see Angie confronting the ex of Rebecca, the woman guest. Now what did she hope to accomplish by ambushing and challenging him? Did she want him to admit being a jerk? To rethink his treating Rebecca poorly? I don’t know. But it didn’t make Angie nor the show look like they were playing with a full deck.

Spritual DivorceThe show does offer hope and assistance to the guests for moving on. This is great. The best thing about the show is Debbie Ford, transformational coach/workshop leader and bestselling author. I first learned of her work through her book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. It spoke to me deeply. So during my divorce, when I was looking for books to help me through the process, I was thrilled to discover Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life.

Marla took on helping the male guest, Kevin. She took him for a makeover, got him new clothes, and even helped him promote his mortgage business.

After Rebecca got a makeover, they wanted to set her up on a date. Shar and Angie trolled for suitable men. The one who agreed — not only to the set up, but to be filmed during the date — was cute, educated, intelligent, attentive, and the date even ended in a kiss!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had fairy godmothers (sisters?) to take us under their wings and transform us physically and emotionally, set up business opportunities and pre-interview our dates, all on a seemingly unlimited budget? This is the fantasy. But most of us only have our friends, family and counselors, and limited funds for our own recovery after a traumatic break up.

If you watch the show, share your impression. Is it good because it offers hope? Or bad because it encourages revenge and hypes an unrealistic quick-fix recovery after a devastating relationship ending?

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6 responses to “Review of “Ex-Wives Club””

  1. Bruce Daley Avatar

    My ex certainly took her revenge on me, but did it really benefit her in the long run? I don’t think our children think so.

  2. Sassy Avatar

    My personal sort of revenge was having class, grace and dignity through my whole divorce. I had values before and stuck to them after, and that has served me well in learning some life lessons and moving on.

  3. NYSharon Avatar

    No one really understands until you go though it, and revenge is not good because you are looking back. The present is your gift and that is what we must live in. At my daughter’s spring concert last week two different woman came up to me (weird since it is not a big community) to tell me that their marriages had just ended and how I was an inspiration of strenth for them (me not even knowing). There is joy in doing it on your own and that life goes on. We exchanged phone numbers and I offered to talk any time, day or night. That is what we need right? I was feeling a little self pity that night since I was sitting alone. I told them that they just made my night and lifted my spirits–and that is what good Karma is about huh?

  4. Guy Gets Girl Fan Avatar

    Hmm, interesting concept. I think getting over it is the best advice you can get. Not worth worrying about in the long run.

  5. Briana Avatar

    Does anyone check the facts on this show or what? I happen to know the “Texas Breast Cancer Survivor” she is a complete piece of work. There are two sides to every story and she so conveniently left all of her dirty laundry out. Yes, she is a cancer survivor, but that was about the only thing in that whole entire episode that was true. Sham on you ABC for not checking your facts. It is true never believe what you see on TV. We should all be wary of someone that would so blatantly parade her kids all over TV for her gain. Talk about truth — where is the dog now?

  6. Angela Avatar

    My grandmother always said, “Men are like buses, another one always comes along.” But it’s hard to remember that when you are breaking up. But try!