Romancing the media on Valentine’s Day

After my posting yesterday on “You are loved!” I certainly felt the love from many sources, including an unexpected one — the media! So excuse me, dear readers, but allow me to share my excitement.

Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal quoted me in an article, “High-Tech Breakups Are Quick But Inflict a Special Pain; Getting Even on” by Jeffrey Zaslow. Jeff talked about how breaking up via text messages has become more common among younger folks and asked if it was prevalent among midlife daters. Some are even posting their break up stories on MySpace and in their blogs.

He said:

This trend in public revelations “may feel cathartic, but it’s inappropriate,” says [Dating Goddess], who lectures and runs a Web site for singles older than age 40. She says ex-bashing blogs and text-messaged breakups aren’t limited to young people. Mature singles and divorced people also use the Internet to write defamatory things about their exes. “It’s a signal of how self-focused we’ve become,” [she] says.

In the world of publicity, the Wall Street Journal is up there with Oprah! And while I appeared on Oprah years ago, it was not on this topic. Who knows, maybe she’ll call again!

Lloyd JacksonThis article sparked a producer from ABC Radio/WJR/Detroit to set up an interview a few hours later with the charming Lloyd Jackson. We talked on a similar theme, breaking up via text, email or IM. Several callers shared their stories of being on the sending or receiving end of such callus breakups. One caller even said he’d been dumped via fax! Ugh! After I said that was tacky and he deserved a woman who would treat him with respect, he asked me for a date!

So it was a fun day in the DG world, even though my beau du jour said we’d celebrate “in grand style” this weekend, so I didn’t get a card nor flowers. We’ll see if he comes through. It goes back to the concept of spending the day creating your own fun, as I discussed in “Dateless for Valentine’s?” I certainly had a lot of fun, even without anyone to snuggle with.

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One response to “Romancing the media on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Steve Mertz Avatar

    Congratulations Goddess! About this beau de jour that did not send a card or flowers on The DAY-Ditch him, he doesn’t get it! You read it here first 😉