Sexy at any age

Susan Sarandon at age 65

I feel  a special connection with Susan Sarandon. Not that I look anything like her nor do I share her movie-star lifestyle. I met her when I was doing some work at Miraval, Oprah’s favorite spa, in the hills north of Tucson, AZ. She was there for a week with her daughter. We chatted a bit in the women’s changing room after our individual spa treatments. She was warm, gracious and down to earth — even dressed in only a bathrobe!
She appeared in this week’s People Magazine. In the article, she discusses many topics. I was fascinated by her comments on sexiness at age 65. Of course she doesn’t look how most of us would think 65 looks. Must be those Miraval spa treatments!

I realize women (and men) are reinventing how all ages look now. Instead of 60 being the new 50, some are even going for 40! Will our looks soon be sealed at a certain age, never going beyond, say, 40? It seems that’s what’s Joan Rivers is going for! With the prevalence and more affordability of plastic surgery, more people are opting to stop the outward aging process.

But Susan’s philosophy on sensuality and sexiness go beyond her appearance. Regarding sensuality, she says, “It’s really more of an attitude than it is being naked.”
When asked for her reaction to being described as sexy. “I’m happy to be considered desirable. I love it!” What is her secret? “Breasts certainly help … but it’s really more of an attitude. Sexuality means that you’re saying yes to life.”

I think she hit the nail on the head. Saying yes to life means you are vibrant and vital and trying new things. It means you have zest, which is very appealing. You’re actively embracing new experiences, which means you’re putting out vibes that say you’re open to being embraced — by a sweetie.

In dating, men tell me they are looking for a sexy woman. And we all know that sexiness is really all in our own head.

Do you feel sexy now? Did you stop feeling sexy at a certain age? Why?


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4 responses to “Sexy at any age”

  1. Tracy Avatar

    At 47, I feel sexy. However, during my late 20’s–after the birth of my son and daughter–I didn’t feel attractive. I agree that sexiness is more of an attitude, but I believe that attitude is fed by some semblance of physical attractiveness–or at least what society deems attractive.

  2. andrea Avatar

    Age is just a number. Sexiness is all in the mind and not just physical. When you think you are sexy then it will affect how you move or act and will show on your face. I’ve seen many sexy women who are in their forties and they all exude confidence- which is another factor.

  3. Richard Avatar

    “… but I believe that attitude is fed by some semblance of physical attractiveness–or at least what society deems attractive.”

    Some of the sexiest women would not be considered to meet today’s standard, yet they are still considered sexy today.

    “Sexiness is all in the mind ” – Yes, it is an attitude. Yes, you have to play the cards you are dealt, but you have to have a desire to play. Then the fun begins.

  4. Gary Avatar

    Sexy is as sexy does.