The importance of sweet talk

You’ve developed a fondness for each other in several long phone conversations, so you agree to meet. There are signs he’s attracted — he touches you gently, holds your hand, looks you in the eye, pays attention to what you say, asks about you and your interests, seems interested in pleasing you.

You are drawn to him, too. Yet something seems missing. What?

You’d like some verbal confirmation. Guys might say “What are you talking about? The guy’s showing he’s interested!” But it’s nice to hear it, too.

I like it when a guy compliments me, says he’s glad to see me, that I look nice, smell good, etc. I don’t know why, but it reassures me. Of course, he could be using his usual “You are beautiful” line that he says to every woman, but it still sounds good to me!

I also like it when he uses endearing terms: “sweetheart,” “darling,” “my dear,” “babe,” “sugar,” even “sweetie” will do. Hey, I’ll even take “sugar cookie,” “snookums,” “cupcake,” “blueberry muffin,” or “my sweet baboo” (yes, I’ve been called all those). Some even call me “goddess,” which of course I adore! (Please — no “poopsie!)

While sometimes talk can be cheap, often it is worth millions. A few endearing comments can melt my heart and has occasionally made me more enamored with a guy than I might have without them.

So when you like something about a guy, let him know. If you feel a fondness, let a “sweetie” slip out. It might — or might not — mean as much to him, but if he’s astute he will hear what you like and return it in kind.

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