The woo dance

Wooing can be exhilarating, fun, and exciting. It’s nice to be the recipient of a man’s attention and affection. It’s especially nice when he’s good at it, but not so good it seems practiced.

I’ve been the recipient of good woos and not so good ones. The latter wooers seem clumsy, perhaps out of nervousness or lack of confidence. The former seem relaxed; the wooing feels natural, comfortable and sincere. But of course, that could also come from frequent wooing.

This week I’m the target of a man’s woo who seems sincere and not overly practiced. But I could be mistaken in my assessment.

It is nice to receive daily calls, texts or emails. Not too many that he feels needy and stalkerish. And his appreciation of me isn’t sappy and over the top. It is relevant to our conversation and not forced.

I am aware, of course, that some men excel at charming women for nefarious outcomes. I’ve been hoodwinked by a few so am now wiser to those ploys. But of course there are numerous ways entice women into a lair.

To be wooed is to be affirmed. You are attractive. Even if you don’t feel similarly, it feels nice to be wanted.

I will see how this wooing dance unfolds. Meanwhile, share how you feel about being wooed or wooing. It is fun or uncomfortable?


One response to “The woo dance”

  1. Marry Avatar

    Personally I am very fond of wooing. Perhaps even more than their result, ie a serious relationship. It`s very nice and useful for self-esteem 🙂 And by my experience one of the most convenient ways it`s dating services.